Samsung’s Most Powerful Cordless Stick Vacuum, Bespoke Jet™ AI Now Available in Singapore


The Bespoke Jet™ AI delivers exceptionally powerful cleaning performance along with smart features that keeps homes hygienic and clean

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 9 October 2023 – Samsung Electronics Singapore unveiled the Bespoke Jet™ AI, its most powerful cordless stick vacuum[1] yet. Boasting powerful suction power of up to 280W[2], AI-based cleaning functionality and a self-emptying enhanced All-in-One Clean Station™, the Bespoke Jet™ AI provides consumers with a convenient, smart-cleaning solution for any home.

Bespoke Jet™ AI is designed to effectively clean any homes with up to 280W of suction power and AI Cleaning Mode.
Bespoke Jet™ AI is designed to effectively clean any homes with up to 280W of suction power and AI Cleaning Mode.

“Maintaining a clean and hygienic living space continues to be key for homeowners in Singapore. Designed with every lifestyle in mind, the Bespoke Jet™ is powered by new AI-based cleaning functionalities which make cleaning more intelligent for various environments at home. Along with its sleek design, exceptional suction power, and an enhanced, self-emptying All-in-One Clean Station™, Samsung wants to deliver a premium and convenient cleaning experience for users,” said Gavin Yeong, Head of Digital Appliances, Samsung Electronics Singapore.

Samsung’s Most Powerful and Longest-Running Cordless Stick Vacuum Yet

The Bespoke Jet™ AI delivers a powerful, hygienic cleaning experience, with up to 100 minutes of usage without recharging
The Bespoke Jet™ AI delivers a powerful, hygienic cleaning experience, with up to 100 minutes of usage without recharging

The Bespoke Jet™ AI features the powerful HexaJet Motor which, with up to 280W of suction power, makes it Samsung’s most powerful vacuum motor to date. In addition, the vacuum boasts the longest single battery runtime of up to 100 minutes of usage on a single charge[3]. The battery features 80% more capacity than the previous model and has been optimised to retain 70% of its performance for up to 500 cycles.[4]

Samsung Bespoke Jet™ Premium Extra in Satin Black also comes equipped with an additional battery, effectively doubling the total runtime to an impressive 200 minutes when both batteries are used consecutively.

AI-Based Cleaning for an Exceptional Intelligent Cleaning Experience

AI Cleaning Mode

The Bespoke Jet™ AI provides a more effective cleaning experience while catering to a diverse range of environments with the AI Cleaning Mode[5]. The vacuum can help identify floor types[6], such as carpets and wooden floors, and adjust suction power accordingly to maximise battery efficiency and optimise cleaning6. It is also the first cordless stick vacuum cleaner to feature an AI verification from UL Solutions, a leading independent safety science organisation[7].

With AI Cleaning Mode, the Bespoke Jet™ AI will first detect the brush load it has encountered through its suction motion controller, as well as the air pressure through its pressure sensors. This data will then be analysed to classify the floor type it is placed on, and the resulting algorithm will be automatically applied to provide the optimal suction power, making cleaning convenient by eliminating the need for users to manually adjust the suction power.

When used with the Slim LED Brush+, the vacuum is easier to navigate in various conditions or on different surfaces, improving manoeuvrability by up to 8%[8]. Slim LED Brush+ also helps the Bespoke Jet™ AI efficiently suck fine dust on hard floors, while reducing battery usage by up to 21%.

In addition to the AI Cleaning Mode, SmartThings[9] enables users to customise their vacuum and its functions while ensuring peak performance through the smart self-diagnosis function. This feature not only enhances the cleaning experience but also tracks and reports cleaning history, conducts self-diagnosis checks, and provides a personalised maintenance guide.

More Hygienic Experiences with an Upgraded All-in-One Clean Station™ and Accessories

The Bespoke Jet™ AI’s enhanced All-in-One Clean Station™ harnesses Air Pulse technology[10] to automatically empty the dustbin for quicker and more hygienic cleaning. It now features the latest Air Spin Edge technology, which rotates the Spinning Cyclone at a blade rate of up to 1,000 RPM to effectively remove 99%[11] of hair.

The All-in-One Clean Station™ can now automatically shut its cover after every disposal and offers a powerful dust management performance with a 99.999%[12] Multi-layered Filtration System to trap fine dust.

Additionally, the Bespoke Jet™ AI also features a selection of brushes and other in-box accessories. The Slim LED Brush+ features an anti-tangle roller on the front to ensure uninterrupted cleaning with a highly manoeuvrable design as well as LED lighting in order to effectively clean even in darker and trickier areas.

Spray Spinning Sweeper v2.png

The Spray Spinning Sweeper allows the user to manually dispense additional water from its 150ml anti-bacterial tank while its microfiber pads combat the growth of over 99% of specific bacteria. It also includes the Pet Tool+ brush, specially designed for picking up thin and easily missed pet hairs.

The Bespoke Jet™ AI also provides users with additional accessories for a more thorough clean. The Combination Tool features a small brush at the end for a versatile clean, suitable for upholstery and keyboards, while the Crevice Tool[13] reaches tight corners and other awkward areas to pick up dust and dirt quickly in these narrow crevices and nooks. Lastly, the Flex Tool is able to bend up to 90 degrees to clean hard-to-reach places, such as the tops of cabinets or shelves.

For more convenient storage of the tools and brushes the Accessory Cradle allows users to keep their cleaning tools organised and accessible. Additionally, the Bespoke Jet™ AI Premium Extra includes a battery charging kit, to allow users to charge the spare battery separately.

Available in two timeless Bespoke colours: Satin Black and Satin Greige, the Bespoke Jet™ AI is set to transform cleaning into a smart, adaptive, and efficient process, while giving homes a touch of modernity while displayed.

Availability and Pricing

The new Samsung’s Bespoke Jet™ AI is now available on the Samsung Online Store and at selected consumer electronic stores.

Model RRP
Bespoke Jet™ AI premium Handstick Vacuum 280W – Satin Greige
Bespoke Jet™ AI premium extra Handstick Vacuum 280W – Satin Black (VS28C979FQK/SP) S$1,499

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[4] Maintains 70% capacity after 500 cycles of use, based on the battery package capacity (4500mA). 1 cycle: Full discharge after being fully charged (100% ~ 0%). Results may vary depending on usage. Based on internal testing.

[5] AI Cleaning mode related functions/performance will be continuously updated and upgraded through SmartThings.

[6] The ability to identify different cleaning environments can be affected by environmental conditions.

[7] In May 2023 it was the first cordless stick vacuum cleaner to receive AI Certification from UL Solutions, a leading independent safety science organisation.

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